Securify Messenger

iMessage App for more Privacy.

Designed and Build to Protect 

Your Data Privacy

Securify Messenger is an iMessage App that protects your messages from governments, organizations and hackers. Enjoy the world’s safest way to send and receive messages.



Every feature is developed from the group up to protect you. Great functions don’t have to come at the expanse of your privacy and security.

Safe Authentication. Entering your master password or verification through the biometric authentication process of your device at each start ensures that only you can send and open messages.
Strong End-to-End Encryption. Messages you send to a conversation are fully protected with end-to-end encryption through our multi-layer security protocol.
Encrypt messages additionally with passwords. Protect every message you send with a password (encryption techniques: PBKDF2-HMAC-SHA256 with 100.000 iterations + AES-256 in CBC).
Set Access Lock for Password Protected Messages. You can specify how many input attempts are allowed for password protected messages.
Message Self-Destruction. Short-lived keys, which are irrevocably deleted after use, ensure that messages can only be opened once and never again.
Capture, Adjust and Attach Photos. Take photos and customize them without leaving Securify’s secure environment.
Define Expiration Dates & Times. Prevent your conversation participant from reading messages which lost there validity for you.
Set Timers. Take more control over your messages or photos by setting a timer. The content will be censored after the timer expires. Tick Tack, Tick Tack …
Notifications of Screenshots. You will be informed when your conversation partner has taken a screenshot of his or your message.
Configurable View Protection. The View Protection protects messages you write or receive from unwanted viewers.
There is more to come! We are constantly working on new features, updates on already build in features and additional improvements. This is just the beginning.

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