Privacy Policy  

With the existence of our company, we stand for privacy, transparency and respect for your data.

Personal Information

We don’t collect any kind of personal data or information. We don’t want your data.

Anonymous Analytics

Analytics is designed to protect your information. To ensure your complete anonymity, Analytics is only associated with a randomly generated identification number. Securify never knows who you are. The following metadata are collected: count of times the app was started,  count of created sessions and count of sent messages.


Analytics is active by default. You can disable Analytics under “Securify Settings” > “Advanced” > “Anonymously Share Analytics”.

Third Parties

We do not pass on any data to third parties.

Device Permissions

• Camera: Access to your camera is only required if you want to take photos or use our accessibility feature called “Death Wink”. The accessibility feature requires Securify to track the geometry of your face by using the TrueDepth camera. Securify does not share or collect your facial data. Your facial data remains private on your device at any time.


• Photo Library: (1) To use the Securify Messenger, you must grant access to your photo library so that we can check if screenshots have been taken. The common method to check this is not working with iMessage App’s. That’s why we track your photo library for incoming photos when using the Securify Messenger. Note that the only value we access on a photo is it’s creation date. (2) You also need to share access to your Photo Library so you can attach photos from your Photo Library to a message.

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